Khomas Region - General Information

The name of the Region reflects the prominance of the Khomas Hochland maintain range near Windhoek. This Region, centered on Windhoek as the capital of Namibia, is the most central Region in the country. While the capital forms the administrative, legislative and judicial centre of the country, with a population representing over eleven percent of the total population, it is also the most important business, educational and transport (rail, road, air) centre of Namibia. Most of Namibia's supply (manufacturing) industries are based there, although it cannot be considered as an industrial centre. Mining has lost its significance in this Region. Consequently, the provision of job opportunities remains relatively modest.

The majority of the Windhoek population are regular salary earners, predominantly in the service of the state and related agencies (eg. parastatal organisations) and commerce. As the capital and the most important metropolitan area in the country, it has become attractive to rural dwellers seeking work opportunities.

The infrastructure of Windhoek is well developed but it does not extend equally to all parts of the urban area. The potential for further development of light industries and new settlement areas seem presently to be unlimited.

There is a strong interaction between the farming community in the hinterland of Windhoek and the city. Not only are most of the farming products marketed in or through Windhoek but it is also the most important farming supply centre.

The southern border of the Khomas Region includes the northern part of former Rehoboth Gebiet. It comprises an area which is also predominantly cattle-producing with similar agro-economic interests to the rest of the Region. It is a properly proclaimed farming area. To a large extent, the border line forms a natural division between the predominantly cattle producing central part of Namibia and the predominantly small stock farming area of southern Namibia.

The Region comprises nine (9) constituencies: Wanaheda, Hakahana, Katatura East, Katatura Central, Soweto, Khomasdal North, Windhoek West, Windhoek East, Windhoek Rural.  
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